Workshop on "Investigations of money-laundering cases related to tax evasion"

The Anti-Money Laundering Permanent Committee organized a workshop on "Investigations of money laundering cases related to tax evasion" during the period 23-27/2/2020.

The workshop  was attended by 33 participants, representing a number of authorities: the Ministry of the Interior (General Directorate of Public Security, the General Directorate for Drug Control, and the Permanent Committee for Legal Assistance Requests), the Presidency of State Security (General Directorate for Financial Intelligence, Administrative Investigations), the Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Authority of Customs, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, and the General Authority of Zakat and Income.

The workshop aimed to assist the concerned authorities in how to conduct financial investigations / financial intelligence in money laundering cases related to tax evasion, in particular, the workshop sought to achieve the following goals:

- Devise the necessary indicators and evidence that assist in conducting financial investigations.

- Understand the procedures of the recovery of proceed of crimes.

- Strengthen the capacities of law enforcement and prosecution agencies to exchange information at the national or transnational levels.

The workshop is a continuation of the specific training program provided by the Permanent Committee in the second stage of the technical assistance stages offered to the concerned authorities pursuant to the Strategic Objectives and the National Plan of Action in combating money laundering and terrorist financing approved by the Supreme Court, which envisages in one of the its objectives  "strengthening training programs for the authorities concerned with combating through holding workshops in the field of developing methods of investigation and prosecutions in money-laundering cases.