Honouring of the Members and Secretariat of the Anti-Money Laundering Permanent Committee by His Excellency the Governor

​The Anti-Money Laundering Permanent Committee held its periodic meeting No. (1438-8) on 28/08/1438 H in the presence of representatives of the concerned entities, members of the Permanent Committee. The meeting handled several topics, most importantly the discussion of the latest preparations and developments of the coming mutual assessment process of KSA. Alongside this meeting, an honouring ceremony was held by His Excellency the Governor - Head of the Permanent Committee, to the members and secretariat of the Committee, where His Excellency honoured them in appreciation of their efforts during the past preparation period of the mutual assessment process of KSA in combating money laundering, terrorism financing and weapons proliferation, motivating them to be more and more dedicated during the next phase.  During the honouring ceremony, His Excellency delivered a brief speech praising the efforts and works carried out by the members and the secretariat during the past period and stressed the importance of cooperation and concerted efforts among all concerned entities in KSA. He called on everyone to step up their efforts during the coming phase so that KSA obtains a distinguished assessment report that would be equivalent to the efforts made in this field, and that would support the position of KSA to obtain permanent membership in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).