Anti-Money Laundering Permanent Committee’s Participation in the Third Plenary Meeting of FATF-XXVIII


AMLPC participated in the third plenary meeting of FATF-XXVIII, and working group meetings, held during the period 23-28, Ramadan 1438H corresponding to (18-23 June, 2017) at Valencia city, Kingdom of Spain. The meeting discussed important issues relating to the integrity of the international financial system, means to fight terrorism-financing, transparency, beneficial ownership and financial inclusion in addition to the mutual evaluation of Ireland and Denmark. More than 800 participants representing 198 states under the umbrella of FATF, apart from international organizations, including, UN, IMF, and WB attended the meeting. AMLPC has effectively contributed to deliberations through the Plenary Meeting and working group meetings. For the most important outcomes and outputs, the following link may be visited: