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Details Date 28/11/2016
The AMLPC hosted a workshop on Typologies and Capacity Building in cooperation with MENAFATF and Asia / Pacific Group On Money Laundering (APG), on Monday 28/2/1438H (28/11/2016). The workshop was opened by SAMA’s Vice Governor, Abdulaziz S. Al-Furaih who welcomed in his opening remarks H.E. Sheikh Fahad bin Faisal Al-Thani, the President of MENAFATF and Vice Governor of Qatar Central Bank; Dr. Gordon Hook, APG Executive Secretary; the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution’s representatives; and all participants representing 55 countries and 15 regional and international organizations. Experts of countries and regional and international organizations exchanged information and experiences and learned about the methods and techniques mostly used by ML/TF perpetrators, obstacles facing efforts made to overcome such crimes and the appropriate solutions to combat them. In addition, a number of topics were addressed centered around the new challenges for the countries in the fight against such crimes, especially after the exploitation of technology and social media by ML/TF perpetrator, and the importance of cooperation and coordination among countries on exploring such methods and establishing strict measures to combat them now and in the future as well as exchanging information among authorities and addressing the impediments to that, and enhancing AML/CTF tools used by supervisory and law enforcement authorities.