A discussion Session on Managing Funds and Assets Seized in money Laundering Crimes and the Predicate Crimes Associated with them

The Secretariat of the Anti-Money Laundering Permanent Committee, in cooperation with the Public Prosecution, organized a virtual discussion session on the management of funds and assets seized in money laundering crimes and the predicate crimes associated with them, on Tuesday and Wednesday 27-28 / 6/1442 AH corresponding to 9-10 / 2/2021 AD.


The session was attended by (21) participants representing a number of concerned authorities, namely: the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce, the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority, the Saudi Customs, the Capital Market Authority, and the General Commission for the Guardianship of Trust Funds for Minors and their Counterparts.


This session aimed to develop the standards for managing funds and assets seized by the enforcement authorities, which are related to money laundering crimes and the predicate offenses associated with them, especially those that are subject to damage or decrease in value. The authorities concerned are working to finalize the drafting of a comprehensive guide on managing the funds and assets seized in Money laundering crimes and associated predicate offenses.